Paid Internships & Jobs for Grads

Between third and fourth year, students complete an internship to gain valuable experience in the industry and network with employers. The goal of the internship program is to enable students to apply concepts learned in class in a professional context and gain a better understanding of the printing industries.

While most students participate in paid internships, some GCM students elect to complete a volunteer internship.

The internship program is an essential part of the well-rounded education the School of Graphic Communications Management seeks to provide and many students are hired after their internship, working part-time throughout fourth year and then full-time after graduation. The School of Graphic Communications Management believes in offering students every opportunity to succeed and helps students find an internship through a yearly job fair and current job listings. Students are allowed to complete their internship in Canada or abroad, wherever the student is legally allowed to work.

What Our Grads are Saying


Alison Clarke

Earning my Bachelor of Technology in Graphic Communications Management from Ryerson proved to be an experience that not only infused an education of business, print, and design; but more importantly led to the forging of lifelong relationships in a unique, supportive community. I decided to take advantage of an opportunity presented by the School of Graphic Communications Management, and I spent a semester studying abroad in Germany. Upon arrival back in Toronto, with a greater sense of self and the world around me, I attended the GCM Job Fair.

While at the job fair, I met two lovely ladies from Metro Label during a classic GCM-style speed interview. I impressed them with my GCM-student-group-intensive resume, fearless attitude, and cross-cultural communication skills, and I landed a position as a Jr. Account Manager and began working at Metro Label shortly after graduation. My aim moving forward is to slash the “Jr.” preface from my job title.

I’ve been working with clients such as Target Canada and my goal is to cultivate meaningful relationships and provide innovative labeling solutions to all of my customers. I am very proud of Metro Label’s relentless commitment to environmental responsibility. While at work, I can often be found boasting about my work travels and the wonderful variety of clients that I get to work with, and my coworkers are great too.


R. Lee Jones and Trung Nguyen

We are currently thrilled to be working as Packaging Graphics Specialists at Maple Leaf Foods, Canada’s largest consumer packaged goods company. Our jobs consist of working with designers, prepress providers, printers, and internal company stakeholders to produce new innovative packaging as well as refresh current in-market offerings.


Babak Amoozgar

Coming to GCM I didn’t really know what to expect as I didn’t know much about the printing industry. During my 4 years I got to meet some of the greatest people, both in GCM and the industry through many tours that we were offered. Throughout the four years I had the opportunity to work on many great projects that I couldn’t have done if it wasn’t for GCM. In my third year I did my internship which allowed me to learn so much about the printing industry and how the business end of things work. With what I learned at GCM and my internship I was able to get multiple offers coming out of school.

Now I work for one of the biggest label printing companies in North America called Metro Label. I started in the company as a Customer Service/ Pre-press Technician and within the first 3 months my position has evolved to Colour Management, Order Engineer and R&D. As my position is evolving now I get to go on many business trips to implement different projects at other locations. Currently I am responsible for the colour quality of President’s Choice, Life, Patron brands and hope to be in charge of all brands in the coming months. I was able to achieve all of this by attending GCM.